Thursday, March 1, 2018

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"Milton the Monster," a Hal Seeger Production, first appeared on the ABC television network on October 9, 1965. The animated series starred a gentle, Frankenstein-like monster, named Milton. The creation of Professor Weirdo, and residing in a castle on Horror Hill with Count Kook and siblings Heebie and Jeebie, the cartoon presented 26 episodes in all. The 30-minute program also featured other short cartoons such as Fearless Fly, Flukey Luke, Muggy-Doo, Stuffy Derma and Penny Penguin.

Cartoon Research's "Milton the Monster Horror Hill Epitaph" looks at the series presenting the history of the series, a complete episode guide, rare artwork and photographs, and a section on Milton merchandise.

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Author Kevin Scott Collier writes an animation book series for Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research organization and is an animation history columnist for Animation World Network. Kevin also is the author of many other titles featuring classic films, history, and personalities. See all of the other Cartoon Research books hereFollow the author on Facebook here! Visit the Author's Homepage here!